Semanas de Inovação | Sweden-Brazil Relations
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Sweden-Brazil Relations

Sweden and Brazil have a long and profound bilateral relation. The relationship with Brazil is highly prioritized by the Swedish government. The two countries share core values and collaborate, both bilaterally and in international forums, promoting themes as democracy and sustainable development. Brazil is Sweden’s largest trade partner in Latin America and by far biggest export market in the region. Over 200 Swedish companies are present in Brazil and they employ around 70.000 people and have revenue of 130 billion SEK.

Brazil and Sweden signed a strategic partnership in 2009, which was renewed during president Dilma Rousseffs visit to Sweden in 2015, with the aim to strengthen and expand further the relation between the countries.

The contract signed between the Brazilian Air Force and the Swedish company Saab covering the development and production of the Gripen NG fighter jets creates a new platform for our bilateral relationship. The Gripen contract is a joint strategic project, involving a significant part of technology transfer to Brazil. The project will also have positive effects on cooperation also with in other areas, for instance, mining, biomass production, energy, infrastructure, transport and clean technologies. There will also be future opportunities for scientific and trade cooperation in the fields of ICT and health. Bilateral ties are stronger than ever and the strategic partnership which has been developing increasingly more dynamic and with exciting opportunities for the future between Sweden and Brazil.

Credits: AFP / Yasuyoshi Chiba


  • Sweden and Brazil have a long and profound relationship, and the diplomatic relations was established already in 1826.
  • The first Swede emigrated to Brazil already 1890 and in 1909 the first sea route between Sweden and Brazil was established by Johnson Line.
  • Swedish companies have been present in Brazil over a century. In 1891 the Swedish company Ericsson installed the first telephone in Brazil, more precisely in the residence of the King Dom Pedro II in Rio de Janeiro.
  • And cement from the Swedish company ASEA (today ABB) was used when building statue Christ the Redeemer.
  • The Sweden-Brazil Chamber of Commerce was established in Sao Paulo 1953.
  • The first time Brazil won the world cup in football was 1958 in Stockholm, and Brazil won against Sweden with a legendary team.
  • Sweden is the second largest consumer of coffee per capita in the world. A third of that is imported from Brazil.
  • Brazilian presidential visit to Sweden in 2007.
  • In 2010 the Swedish King and Queen did a state visit to Brazil.
  • Brazil is Sweden’s largest trade partner in Latin America and over 200 Swedish companies are present in Brazil and they employ around 70 000 people and have revenue of 130 billion SEK.
  • In January 2015 Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited Brazil and participated in the second inauguration of President Dilma Rousseff.
  • Swedish Minister for Trade, Industry and Innovation Mikael Damberg visited Brazil in May 2015 agreeing on a new strategic cooperation in the areas of industrial technology, innovation, research and development between the Sweden and Brazil.
  • The Brazilian presidential convoy  and a business delegation visited Sweden during the 18-19 of October 2015. The Brazilian president met with Brazilian and Swedish entrepreneurs and opened the Brazil-Sweden Business Seminar. The Brazilian authority also visited the city Linköping, the seat of SAAB, which has already started the process of manufacturing the first Gripen NG.